The Change

Meaningful change isn’t always instant nor does it start off on a large scale. Real impact can take months if not years, however making the world a better place for all to thrive has to start somewhere and at Leaders of Change it is our commitment to impact 1 million leaders by 2025, 1 leader at a time. Every time we change just one person’s world, we are starting the butterfly effect to improve the lives for generations to come. LOC is here to create an inclusive and equitable economy in which entrepreneurship and leaders can co-create for a better world, starting with themselves and the change they can make.

This Change starts within and we have strong company values which are important to us as the cornerstone for what we stand for as Conscious Business Leaders cultivating growth. Those values are Integrity, Equity and Contribution.


It is very important to us as a company to have true integrity woven into everything we do. We commit to demonstrating moral and ethical principles and doing the right thing, always. This will curate a trusting and safe space for all who come into contact with the company.


We care deeply about equity creating fair, respectful and equitable opportunities for all who come into contact with the company ensuring we treat people according to their individual needs so they feel seen and supported. This holds true for our clients, customers, partners and employees.


We strongly believe that contribution is one of the most impactful things we can do as a company to give back and create change through serving others. By positively impacting the people and community around us, we can work to build a better society and a better world for everyone.

We also believe Change will be created if we all focus on these 4 elements:






More info coming soon on how we can support your company integrate The Change.

For any enquires email hello@leadersofchange.co