Hey, we are Leaders of Change!

A company driven to create change within companies and teams across the globe, co-founded by Shenuma Kashta and JoJo Graham. Our mission is to inspire and encourage a new wave of leaders and entrepreneurs to grow stable and successful businesses and be the change the world needs to see by steering their companies and teams towards inclusion and impact across their industries with intention, integrity and authenticity.

Our areas of expertise:

Conscious Leadership

Creative Marketing

Soulful Sales

Balanced Business

Self Mastery

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to cultivate conscious leadership to grow leaders who are committed to creating collaborative, co-creative and unified ecosystems for becoming The Change.

We will use our business to amplify truth and justice to help all people to become autonomous, liberated, and free to rebuild a new world which values unity, equity and inclusion.

In creating sustainable, long term change within and around us, we commit to remodelling our businesses in a way which maintains the optimum well being of ourselves and others and serves as an example of the kind of workforce that will create new norms across industries with intention, integrity and authenticity.

Our company will be a strong testament to our beliefs and intentions and will be our legacy after our time.

We are Leaders of Change.

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