Leaders of Change is a learning platform for business leaders, entrepreneurs and thought leaders who want to build steadfast businesses,  create a big impact in the world and claim personal success, whatever that means to them.


About LOC

It provides resources, training’s and mentorship through an online subscription portal, in person events and meetups as well as online courses and programs. LOC is here to create an inclusive and equitable economy in which entrepreneurship and leaders can co-create for a better world, starting with themselves and the change they can make.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and encourage a new wave of leaders and entrepreneurs to grow stable and successful businesses and be the change the world needs to see by steering their companies and teams towards inclusion and impact across their industries with intention, integrity and authenticity.


There are 5 elements we focus on in Leaders Of Change to create Success and lasting change, and those are Conscious Leadership, Creative Marketing, Soulful Selling, Balanced Business and Self Mastery. We dive into each of these elements in the work we do to ensure every individual and company we support can flourish in the roles they play in this world!


To make a Change you have to be The Change, and Leaders Of Change hold this commitment in very high regard with the work we do. Within the change we are dedicated to assembling new systems that support and drive capital and equity to leaders of colour by increasing access, embracing inclusion and driving impact for long-term and sustainable change.


To build a thriving economy we need businesses to thrive, and it starts with YOU. The Lounge is a dedicated area for Business Leaders to learn how to build solid and sustainable businesses in the online space through expert training’s and access to mentors, with the added bonus of a community!


At Leaders Of Change we believe there is a seat for all of us at The Table, and the coming together of minds in a coordinated and harmonised way increases energy, which can be passed through all involved. This mastermind will create permanent success for everyone. The Table Mastermind is coming soon!!

If you are looking for a space to grow as a leader, build a successful and strategic business, as well as create a big impact through the work you do, you are in the right place!

– Meet the co-founders –


Shenuma Kashta

Shenuma is a Conscious Leadership Consultant and business mentor who supports entrepreneurs to scale successful enterprises whilst maintaining optimum personal wellbeing. As well as being a happily married mother of four, she is also a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who has worked within the social enterprise sector for 15 years with top emerging business talent and local authority management including the London Development Agency to drive sustainable economic growth within Greater London. Shenuma uses her expertise to consult on conscious business, sustainability and wellbeing for SME's, public and private sector companies for their Corporate Social Responsibility, building their sustainability, workforce wellbeing and conscious thought leadership to increase impact.


JoJo Graham

At just 30 years old JoJo is not only an expert in Business, having a degree in Business Management and more than 5 years Business experience in Coaching, Mentoring, Event Planning and Marketing, she is also a Mum to her 4 year old son Noah who has been a massive motivation to her personal success. Her passion is Entrepreneurship having grown multiple businesses, products and services over the years that have generated multi 6 figures, however now she is looking to help as many people as possible build their own solid businesses using simple strategies that feel aligned to them so they can make a massive impact in the world through the work they do.

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